What we do

Every 3 months, we release a Tasting Pack showcasing a world famous wine region. Each pack is released first to subscribers and is then available via our website.

Each Tasting Pack includes:

Phenomenal Wines.

We meet dozens of winemakers and taste hundreds of wines to prepare each Regional Tasting Pack. We select the six wines which best show you what the region can do.


The Somm Guide.

A beautifully presented coffee table book is the companion to each Regional Tasting Pack. It's filled with the stories, personalities, history and culture of the region.


Delicious Recipes.

We work with award winning local chefs to design delicious, regionally-inspired recipes which pair beautifully with the wines in each Regional Tasting Pack.

All packs include free delivery.

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How we select our wines

We're not like other wine clubs.

We believe in quality over quantity. Every wine we select is an excellent representation of it's varietal and region. To find them, we explore the region ourselves, meeting winemakers, walking through vineyards and tasting hundreds of wines. This is how we secure access to hard-to-find and back-vintage wines which you simply can't buy in Australia.

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The Somm Guide is your companion to each wine region.

We work with phenomenal winemakers, growers and chefs to create the Somm Guide to each featured region. Each guide immerses you in the personality and people of the area, and you’ll want to keep the Somm Guide long after you've enjoyed your wines.

With 60+ pages of engaging, beautifully presented content, each Somm Guide includes:

  • Winemaker interviews
  • Multiple full colour maps
  • History of the region
  • In-depth reviews of growing areas
  • Descriptions of common grape varieties
  • Tasting notes on featured wines
  • Chef-designed recipes

Mouthwatering recipes from award-winning local chefs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does the Somm subscription cost?

$465 per quarter including GST, shipping and insurance.

Every 3 months we will send you a Regional Tasting Pack which showcases one internationally famous wine growing region. You’ll receive 6 premium, critically-acclaimed wines, which have been chosen for their unique flavour, indisputable enjoyment factor and how well they characterise what makes the region and it’s wines so iconic.

To further guide you on your tasting journey of the region, you’ll also receive the Somm Guide - a coffee table quality book which promises to further your knowledge, challenge your perceptions, and broaden your horizons about the wine, history, character and culture of each locale.

Q. Can I buy a single pack without subscribing?

Absolutely. Just head over to our pages to find the pack you're after click "Buy Now". Complete your order and your pack will be on the way.

That said, there's no risk to subscribing. Subscribers get priority access to future releases, and you can pause or cancel their subscription at any time so you're not locked in to any minimum purchases or packs.