The Somm Story

Somm came from our own desire to experience the world’s great wines.

As curious wine lovers who drink our share of wine, we take pride in our cellars and love sharing our wines with family and friends. But our cellars (and our hearts) were dominated by Australian wines and this meant that those moments of discovering new and exciting wines were getting more and more rare.

We knew deep down there was more to the world of wine. So we went searching for a great way to step out of the familiar regions and varieties and into a journey of discovering what makes each famous wine growing region distinctive, and their wines so iconic.

We couldn’t find what we wanted, so we created Somm Premium Wine Experiences.

We work with phenomenal winemakers, grape growers and chefs to create a guided tour through the wine, food, history and culture of each region. These great wines and the stories behind them showcase what the region is capable of, deepening your wine knowledge as well as your cellar.

We hope Somm inspires you to learn more about the world of wine and share your experiences with family and friends.

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