California Tasting Pack

There is a reason why California is the home of so many innovative startups, and the world’s fifth largest economy. Californians are pioneers on many fronts and their winemaking is no exception.

Experience the Wines

Six of the best.

We’ve selected six phenomenal wines for this exploration of the Golden State. Two whites will explore the spectrum of Chardonnay styles produced, and four reds will showcase delicate, savoury Pinot Noir and the ripe, bold and lush Cabernet and Zinfandel that are the hallmarks of California wine.

The award-wines in the California Tasting Pack:

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Meet the Winemakers

California's vinous pioneers.

The winemakers who made California famous didn’t have wine in their blood — they were lawyers, engineers, pilots and bankers who risked everything to make their dreams a reality. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing. Throughout its checkered history, from the lowest points of near extinction to the exhilarating highs of critical acclaim, this pioneering spirit sees every generation of the industry emerge stronger than the one before.

Explore the Growing Areas

Beyond Napa.

You’ve heard of Napa and Sonoma, but beyond these well known valleys lie many lesser-known wine growing areas and microclimates producing phenomenal wines to rival those big names. The Somm Guide includes detailed maps and descriptions of all major wine growing areas and appellations, as well as notes on which grapes to look for in each.

Learn about the Grape Varieties

What they taste like and where to look.

Californian wine is about more than just Cabernet and Chardonnay. California sets the benchmark for bold and ripe red Zinfandel wines made from ancient vines grown in the hot Californian sun. Read about this grape's mysterious and deceptive past, as well as typical flavour characteristics of California’s most common grape varieties.

Experience the Food

Entertain with these inspired pairings

We’ve teamed up with award-winning chef Faheem Noor, who has designed 8 delicious California-inspired recipes for you to enjoy with the wines in this pack. These recipes pair beautifully with these wines and are sure to impress.

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