How we Select our wines

We're not like other wine clubs.

We don’t make our wine selections from wholesalers or online databases of product the industry looking to shift. We don’t choose from a narrow range of existing imports or buy low quality to sell in bulk. Nor do we make our selections based on maximising profit from each bottle in each box.

Our panel of tasters travel to each international wine region seeking to experience what each great land and each great wine has to offer. Our mission is simply to find the most enjoyable wines which best show off the nuances of the location.

We delve into the history and the culture which has shaped the landscape and the people, and so too the food and wine of the area. We meticulously research so we know where to find the best produce and the best value. And we meet with dozens of winemakers and grape growers at their vineyards to hear about the what, why, and how of each of their special offerings.

And it’s here, in person, that a little magic happens…

Whether it’s a well-earned pride in what they are producing, or a unique opportunity to widen their fan-base, we find these vintners often offering their best bottles for your drinking pleasure.

Some share their personal collections with you, some offer back vintages long-loved but not available for current purchase. Some provide small batches of premium produce which has been created solely for their own pride and enjoyment, rather than to be commercially viable.

And it’s this magic you get to share in with your Somm subscription. Because we deliver these few-in-a-lifetime tastings directly to your door. Together with the Somm Guide so you too can enjoy the experience and appreciate every drop.

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