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From ancient invaders to the European Union, the story of Sicilian wine is a tumultuous tale of riches and ruin. Countless civilisations have exploited the island over the last 3,000 years, shaping it's culture and winemaking. Sicily's wines are capturing the attention of critics, consumers and investors the world over, and now you can experience the unique grape varieties, rugged landscape and heart-warming food from the heart of the Mediterranean.
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Experience the Wines

Six delicious native wines.

We’ve selected six intriguing wines showcasing the native grape varieties of Sicily. Two white blends will introduce you to Grillo, Catarratto and Inzolia, three perfectly-aged red wines will show you mature Nero d’Avola, Nerello Mascalese and Nocera taste at their peak, and a 1998 vintage reserve release Marsala will help you discover this world-famous fortified wine first produced in the 1700s. These are very special wines which you can’t buy anywhere else in Australia.

The award-wines in the Sicily Tasting Pack:

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Meet the Winemakers

Multi-generational families and startups.

The Sicilian winemakers whose wines you'll taste in this pack are passionate about showing the world their life's work. Some of their wineries have been making wines for hundreds of years, like Mannino Di Plachi, whose family sent their wine from Mount Etna to the World's Fare in Melbourne in 1800. Others represent a new generation of Sicilian winemakers who are striking out on their own, often with land seized from the Mafia, and capturing the world's attention. We’re very proud to share the result of their labour.

Explore the Appellations

Sicily’s DOC regions.

Sicilian appellations reflect the traditional winemaking varieties and techniques which have evolved over many centuries to reflect the agricultural strengths and vinous appetites of the region. They're still evolving, and now include many of the major international grape varieties you're familiar with. The Somm Guide includes detailed maps and descriptions of Sicily’s appellations as well as notes on what to look for in each.

Learn about the Grape Varieties

What they taste like and where to look.

Sicily grows dozens of native and international grape varieties, each of which thrive in different parts of the island. Classic native varieties have been perfected over thousands of years, while international varieties like Chardonnay, Merlot and Shiraz have been widely planted in the last 50 years. Discover what each variety tastes like, what to pair them with and their fascinating history on the island.

Experience the Food

Entertain with these authentic Sicilian recipes.

We’ve teamed up with award-winning chef Lino Sauro from Olio Restaurant in Sydney’s new Kensington Street restaurant precinct. Lino has designed six authentic Sicilian recipes for you to recreate at home. Each recipe pairs beautifully with it's matched wine and together they are sure to impress even the most well-travelled foodies

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